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13th February
Immediately preceding the February clubrun this Saturday (18th Feb), there will be a “Karting 101” for members run by Troy Thompson, starting at 0930. It will be particularly useful for people who have not raced karts before, are looking at getting into karting, or who have only just started kart racing. Basics. Guidelines. Tips. Hints. All good stuff.

Even if you have been racing for a while, you may have questions that you would like answered. If you think you can benefit, or know of anyone who might be interested, get along.

Also, at 1030, there will be a stewards school for anyone who would be interested in being a steward. This applies to drivers (over 18) and parents of drivers. It allows you to be a steward for your club duty. Also, being a steward gives you a look at proceedings from a different perspective. Interesting, useful and educational. But not difficult.

We all get pleasure from kart racing. Being a steward helps put a little bit back into the sport and helps meetings run more easily.


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