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22nd August
Karting Australia have announce a new carburettor available for the KA100 motor.

Current KA100 owners can upgrade to the new carbie for $137 via an exchange program. The exchange program only operates until 1st September and, as it is an exchange program, you have to surrender your existing carbie. Which creates a bit of a problem.

The new carbie can be used for all events except the National and State Championships. Presumably, that is because they are a series and KA want to keep equipment identical throughout the series.

So you can exchange your carbie for a better one (and I’m guessing that means better performance) but you can’t compete at the State Titles. Or you can buy the new carbie outright (Don’t know for how much, but a lot more than $137, I bet) to use for all races except this year’s States. And then you’ll end up with a spare carbie that no-one really wants.

As WA has a stand-alone State Championship, you would hope we should be able to get an exemption from that particular ruling. However, is Karting WA thinking along those lines? And even if they are, will they be able to get confirmation of an exemption in time for people to take advantage of the exchange offer?

Follow this link for all the details on their website:

The article also contains a link to the updated homologation document.



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