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13th October

Karting numbers nationwide have seen a significant decline this year. Hurricane is no exception and VP Robbie Bertram has been involved in think tanks with other clubs across the country to identify reasons and find solutions.
Robbie is convinced that the answer lies in engagement at club level. This means increasing numbers at clubruns by;

1) Encouraging new members,

2) Getting existing karters into additional classes, and

3) Reactivating members who have stopped racing.

Your committee has views on how this can be done, but we would like input from the people who will be affected by any changes. There are a number of ways to give us your input. The simplest is to directly approach or phone any committee member with your ideas, but it would be better to have those ideas in writing. So you can email the club. Or, since you’re already on the website, why don’t you go to the INFORMATION tab, click on Forms, then scroll down and submit your suggestions online?

We’d really appreciate hearing from you. And as a show of appreciation, for the person who comes up with what the committee judges to be the best suggestion, we’ll give you a free ticket to the end of year windup. Yum-o.


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